at The David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Dollar Bank Seeks Suggestions For Naming the Convention Center Ballroom

PITTSBURGH, June 11, 2003 -- Western Pennsylvanians are being invited by Dollar Bank to help pick a name for the 34,000-square-foot grand ballroom at the new David L. Lawrence Convention Center. The month-long "Put Your Name On The Ballroom" search begins tomorrow when Dollar Bank opens a special booth for ballroom name suggestions at Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Arts Festival. The effort will continue through July 15, 2003.

Ads are being placed in newspapers and on radio throughout the 10-county area asking people to help choose a name that "will honor the Pittsburgh region, our people, our places, our heritage and our future." More than 120,000 Western Pennsylvania homes will be receiving ballroom-naming forms as early as this week. Visitors to Dollar Bank's branches and loan centers can complete a ballroom-naming form, or suggestions can be made online June 12, 2003 at Even the 40,000 visitors to the Dollar Bank Jamboree on July 12, 2003 will have an opportunity to suggest a name for the ballroom.

Although its financial support for the new David L. Lawrence Convention Center allows the Bank to name the grand ballroom after itself, Dollar Bank is bucking the corporate naming trend. Instead, they are seeking suggestions from the community for a name that has "regional significance."

"It was the people who developed the region's assets and their tax dollars that helped make Pittsburgh's newest regional asset, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, a reality," said James F. Carroll, Jr., Vice President for Public Affairs. "What better way to honor the people, places and heritage of this region than by inviting the people living in the region to help name the ballroom."

Earlier last month, Dollar Bank announced its plans to contribute a Regional Showcase with high-definition, multi-media format to the Convention Center. Designed to project dramatic images through special glass panels, the Showcase will be located at the three main entrances to the Convention Center and in the reception area of the Center's grand ballroom.

"The grand ballroom is where many of the region's most important events will occur," Carroll continued, "and the people of this region should have a hand in naming it."

Suggestions can be mailed to Dollar Bank, 3 Gateway Center, 9 South, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

Founded in 1855, Dollar Bank is a $4.9 billion federally chartered mutual savings bank headquartered in Pittsburgh with offices throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio.

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