at The Galleria

How It All Works

The Regional Showcase at The Galleria will not only be a tribute to the people of northeastern Ohio, but also technological wonder. The video wall consists of forty-eight (48) Barco OLite 612 LED tiles, delivering an active screen area of 17'-6" x 8'8" with a pixel resolution of 432 x 216. The OLite fixture is a revolutionary product engineered by Barco for superior viewing angles, vastly improved contrast and unmatched brightness levels. The OLite represents a quantum leap forward in LED display technology.

The video display hardware is driven by an LED-Pro Digitizer; a state-of-the-art video processor that accepts up to three (3) inputs per unit; one (1) VI-I connector to support both universal analog and VI Input with loop-through; one (1) 15-pin HD connector with buffered loop-through; and five (5) BNC connectors with buffered loop-through.

Director Toolset Software was chosen as the maintenance/calibration software to provide the capability of maintaining the system at peak performance levels at all times via remote monitoring and content management.