at The Galleria


What We Are Looking for:
The Regional Showcase at The Galleria celebrates the people, places and events of northeastern Ohio. Dollar Bank welcomes quality photography and video submissions by local residents and organizations.

Dollar Bank is proud to offer The Regional Showcase at The Galleria as a service to the community. No submission or service fee is required.

Acceptable Image Formats for Submissions:
      Still Images
  • We prefer high-resolution digital images (JPEG or TIF). Please burn these on a CD or DVD.
  • Minimum acceptable resolution is 2000 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high @ 100 dpi. If your digital file is smaller than this please do not submit it, as the format would not work on a large screen.

  • DV tape, HDV tape or DVD
  • There is no audio component to The Regional Showcase at The Galleria.
    Therefore, any audio in submissions will not be included.

Before submitting a tape or disk, please double-check to make sure it is not defective. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we will not be able to notify you if your disk or tape does not play correctly. Defective, incorrectly formatted or non-operational disks or tapes will be discarded.

Submission Process:
Your submission will be considered if...
  • The subject matter appropriately reflects the theme of The Regional Showcase at The Galleria: celebrating the people, places and events of northeastern Ohio
  • It is received in the acceptable formats
  • It is labeled with the title, organization, contact name, address, e-mail and day and evening phone numbers
  • A completed Submission Form is included
  • A signed Licensing Agreement is included. This agreement gives The Regional Showcase at The Galleria the right to use your submitted video and still images.

Time-Sensitive Materials:
Minimum lead-time for time-sensitive material is 5-6 weeks before airdate due to production requirements. Time-sensitive programs, exhibits, calendar events, etc. will be accepted and displayed on a “first come, first serve” basis.

All submissions are subject to the Showcase producer’s timelines and schedules. Non-profit organizations may send submissions twice during a calendar year.

Hours of Operation:
The Regional Showcase at The Galleria will operate 365 days a year, approximately fourteen hours a day. Operation times are subject to change at the discretion of Dollar Bank.

Submission Process:
  • By completing the Submission Form and Licensing Agreement and sending video/still photos to Dollar Bank, you are indicating your acceptance of The Dollar Bank Regional Showcase policies.
  • Each submission will be time stamped on arrival and displayed on a “first come” basis, if Showcase space is limited.
  • Dollar Bank will have sole discretion when accepting Showcase content.
  • Dollar Bank reserves the right to refuse any submission or remove/cancel a production without explanation.
  • Dollar Bank reserves the right to modify submitted materials
  • No submission shall be permitted which interferes with the conduct of business for the presenting sponsor (Dollar Bank).
  • Dollar Bank assumes no liability whatsoever for the accuracy of scheduled information submitted to the Showcase.
  • Submissions will not be returned. It is recommended that you retain copies of all materials submitted for consideration.
  • Taglines and on-screen copy may:
    •    - contain the logo/slogan of your organization
    •    - include a phone number, address and website address
    •    - include date of event
  • Taglines and on-screen copy may NOT:
    •    - contain a call to action
           (suggesting the viewer to take action directed towards a product or service)
    •    - mention price
    •    - mention contests
    •    - include personal testimonials
    •    - include photos with alcoholic beverages

Organizations and individuals are required to complete a signed Licensing Agreement permitting Dollar Bank to use video footage and photographs submitted for The Dollar Bank Regional Showcase at The Galleria. (No exceptions). This Licensing Agreement releases Dollar Bank from any liability concerns that may arise from the use of images sent from outside organizations. Please keep a copy of your signed Licensing Agreement and Submission Form for your files.


Click the links below to print and complete:

Submission Form
Licensing Agreement