at The Galleria

Exhibit: "Cleveland Indians 1948,
A Championship Season"
August 20, 2009

Even the most loyal of Tribe fans may be unaware of the details surrounding the victorious season of their 1948 Indians team. Owned by Bill Veeck and managed by player/manager, Lou Boudreau, the team proved dominant in the regular season and continued that streak right on through the World Series against the Boston Braves. The Cleveland Memory Project is a collection of historic photos that Cleveland State University has graciously shared with the general public documenting the era (in addition to hundreds of other historical events/places in Cleveland). This archive has allowed us to see how the great American pastime was celebrated at that time in history. You can see what Clevelanders wore and how they celebrated the Tribe’s many victories in addition to intimate snapshots of the team on and off the field. It's a priceless archive that we're happy to share with the public to remember a wonderful moment in Cleveland history.