at The David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Exhibit: "Through Fresh Eyes"
February - June 2005

"Through Fresh Eyes" premiered with the opening of the Convention Center in September of 2003. Back by popular demand and now with musical accompaniment, this is a showcase of the photographic efforts of photographers associated with Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Instructors, artist members, students and friends donated hundreds of photos that celebrate the assets and amenities of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Region. Dollar Bank wishes to thank all of the photographers who submitted their work.

Contributing Artists:
  • Demian Aspinwall
  • Aryl Ann Bashline
  • Joyce E. Baucum
  • Herb Ferguson
  • Charles Ferraro
  • Gail Florence
  • Nathan Fronko
  • John Herrington
  • Herman Horneman
  • John Jenko
  • Javid Kamali
  • Jasdeep Khaira
  • Tiffany Kiefer
  • Dara Kusic
  • William Lafferty
  • Laura Magone
  • Mark Miller
  • Susannah Mira
  • Jamie Nettrour
  • Elizabeth Perry
  • Dionna Pridgeon
  • Smilen Savov
  • Dennis Stefan
  • N.R. Sterling
  • Cassandra Storm
  • Scott Swiontek
  • Kaoru Tohara
  • Celeste Van Kirk
  • Germaine Watkins
  • Paul Wiegman
  • Cark Wiker
Creative Team
Creative Direction by Dymun + Company
Production by Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Installation by RPC Video, Inc.
Sound Engineering by The Sextant Group
Music Design by PMI, Inc.