at The David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Exhibit: "Pittsburgh Transformed"
September 18, 2009

From frontier fort to major modern city, from steelmaking giant to educational powerhouse and technology leader, Pittsburgh has always been a place of discovery and industry. Abundant in resources and natural beauty, the region has drawn immigrants, innovators, industrialists and artists, and out of this diversity has forged a people characterized by determination, toughness, and their commitment to hard work and community-building.

More than 250 years young, the Pittsburgh of today is a model of a diversified economy, a transformed environment, a skilled and educated workforce, a flourishing arts culture, and an unsurpassed quality of life. Rated multiple times America’s most livable city, Pittsburgh is proud of its legacy and looks eagerly towards an even brighter future.

Pittsburgh Transformed celebrates a great American city and its indomitable spirit.

Dollar Bank wishes to thank all those who contributed to this project.